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Cerebra Sledge ** NOT AVAILABLE **

This sledge has supportive seat and harness built in which provides safety and extra suport.
$908.80 $1,181.44

Silicone Toe Straighteners (Small)

These help relieve pain of soft corns, overlapping toes and bunions by reducing friction and iriitatiin between toes.
$10.99 $8.32

Arm and Elbow Protection Sleeve

The arm protection sleeve provides covering against tears and abrasions for thin, fragile skin tissue.Made of Cotton/Lycra.
$36.80 $47.84

Classic Post-Op Shoe

The classic post-op shoe for both men and women
$32.00 $41.60

5-in-1 Mobility & Bathroom Aid

It is time to get more from your mobility aid with this 5-in-1 mobility and bathroom aid!

Flex-Tip 10 second Fever Thermometer

Thermometer for all in the family!

Precisiontemp Digital Ear Thermometer

A unique Ear Thermometer with App

"Halo"1 Second Ear Thermometer

Unique ear thermometer with fast measurements.

Pulse Oximeter

This is a reliable, lightweight and compact pulse reader that keeps track of heart beat and oxygen level.

Jumbo 5 Second Thermometer with Fever Glow

Thermometer with large LCD and fever glow