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Veins main task is to remove the obstinated blood. This has to be pumped back to the heart against the force of gravity. If abnormal alterations cause blood vessels to expand, the valves or veins will not close any longer and blood collects in a persons legs. The natural blood flow is disrupted through the weakness in the valves. The problem comes from exerting the pressure from outside.

Compression stockings press on the mucles, tissue and vein valves. The blood vessels regain the right shape to function properly and the vein valves shut again This results in normal flow of blood.

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Sigvaris Soft Opaque – 843 (30-40 Mmhg)-Pantyhose

Soft Opaque – 843 (30-40 Mmhg)-Pantyhose From Sigvaris
$119.00 $130.90

Sigvaris Soft Opaque – 843 (30-40 Mmhg)-Thigh W/Grip-Top

Soft Opaque – 843 (30-40 Mmhg)-Thigh W/Grip-Top From Sigvaris
$117.60 $129.36

Sigvaris Truly Transparent – 772 (20-30 Mmhg)-Calf

Truly Transparent – 772 (20-30 Mmhg)-Calf From Sigvaris
$72.80 $80.08

Sigvaris Truly Transparent – 772 (20-30 Mmhg)-Pantyhose

Truly Transparent – 772 (20-30 Mmhg)-Pantyhose From Sigvaris
$116.90 $128.59

Sigvaris Truly Transparent – 772 (20-30 Mmhg)-Thigh W/Grip-Top

Truly Transparent – 772 (20-30 Mmhg)-Thigh W/Grip-Top From Sigvaris
$115.50 $127.05

Sigvaris Women – (15-20 Mmhg)-Casual Cotton

Women – (15-20 Mmhg)-Casual Cotton From Sigvaris
$32.99 $39.89

Sigvaris Women – (15-20 Mmhg)-Cushioned Cotton

Women – (15-20 Mmhg)-Cushioned Cotton From Sigvaris
$32.99 $39.99

Strassburg Socks (Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis)

Strassburg Sock is a breathable night sock. It helps erase the pain in your tight calves when you take your first steps in the morning—the best solution for pain-free sleep—the original sock designed and manufactured in North America.
$52.99 $58.99

VenoTrain Act 15-20 mmHg Stockings

VenoTrain Act Stockings are an elegant choice for your legs.

VenoTrain Business Stockings

VenoTrain Business are the modern compression stockings fit to be worn all day long.
$84.00 $96.00

VenoTrain Discretion Stockings

VenoTrain Discretion Stockings are light and elegant and provide comfort to the veins.
$76.00 $65.00

VenoTrain Soft S Stockings

VenoTrain Soft S Stockings are designed for people who spend prolonged periods of time sitting down
$108.00 $115.00

VenoTrain Soft Stockings

VenoTrain Soft Stockings are for gentle compression with a strong effect
$96.00 $100.00

VenoTrain Sport 20-30mmHg (Knee High Compression Socks)

VenoTrain Sport 20-30mmHg Knee High Compression Socks by Bauerfeind
$90.99 $99.99

Sports Compression Calf Sleeves (Pair)

Enhance your muscle performance with increased power and low muscle vibration