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Cryo Cuff Units and Pads - We sell Aircast, Donjoy and Breg Systems

Cold therapyis a widely used non-invasive method to treat and cure swelling and pain. It helps speed up recovery by reducing the rehabilitation time. ACryo cuff ice machine unitis a well known cold compression device that aids in quick recovery from the pain and swelling of inflamed joints such as the shoulder, ankle, back, ankle, and knee. Cryo cuff units help in pain management to recover from the trauma of a post-operative surgery (post-op) or a sports injury.

Just wrap a pad on the tender joints and the cold water, that circulates from the cooler into the cuff provides pain relief by applying cold compression required to release stress around joint muscles. Different brands use this compression therapy using their own patented technologies and have different pricing. TheIC unitskeep water cold from 6 to 8 hours as opposed to gel packs which remain cold for a short period of time.

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cryo cuff knee with gravity cooler

Aircast Cryo Cuff Knee with Gravity Cooler (Non-Motorized Kit)

Knee Cryo Cuff plus gravity cooler from Aircast is designed to provide cold therapy to the affected area to minimize pain and swelling from post-op surgery or knee injuries.

$177.87 $179.99
Aircast Cryo Cuff Knee (Self-Contained) ** NOT AVAILABLE **

Aircast Cryo Cuff Knee (Self-Contained) ** NOT AVAILABLE **

Eliminate the need of a Aircast cooler. The Cuff is directly filled with Water and Ice. Comes with a Hand pump to create compression in the cuff.

$101.64 $99.99