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Drive Medical

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Drive Medical is a very reliable brand. Check our a list of products from drive including wheelchairs, walkers, Commodes,Position Recliner,Transport Chairs,Safety Walkers,Positioning Seat etc.

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Euro Style Nitro 3 Wheel Rollator

Euro Style Nitro 3 wheel rollator is a unique and stylish rollator. This 3 wheel walker is durable and strong. Built with security in mind, with large wheels, this walker is built for indoors and outdoors.

AquaSense Bath Mat, Contoured with Temperature Indicator

Aquasense bath mat, a bathing experience with soft and secure temperature controlled mat under your feet.

Shower Chair Premium

latest Drive premium shower chair with back rest and arms. Durable and comfortable, Adjustable height, and light weight. Best seller.

Shower Chair With Folding Back

Shower chair with tucking back, easy to stow, and lightweight. A straightforward install and does not require tools. Weight capacity is 300 lbs. Easily hauled.
$99.99 $125.99

Nitro Cup Holder

Securely holds cup or bottle and Fits all Drive Nitro models

Replacement Charger Port/Harness for Drive Spitfire, Scout scooters

Replacement charger for drive scooters scout 4 or scout series scooters.

iGo2 (Portable Oxygen Concentrator)

The smartest portable oxygen concentrator is easy to use and carry while traveling. An innovative and intelligent solution to your breathing (Oxygen) needs.

Viper Plus Reclining Wheelchair

Reclining Wheelchair available for purchase in Canada

PreserveTech Transfer Bench

Adjustable Transfer Bench by PreserveTech

Pressure Sensitive Chair and Bed Patient Alarm

The weight-sensitive sensor pads placed under or behind a patient trigger an alarm when weight is removed
$75.99 $89.99

Folding Steel Commode

Steel Foldable commode by Drive

Airgo Fusion Rollator and Transport Chair , F18, F20

A duel purpose rollator and a transport chair. A 2- in 1 solution to avoid buying 2 different chairs. You have a choice of 2 seat sizes 18 inches and 20 Inches. A side folding easy to use rollator for seniors.
$649.73 $898.25

Back Rest for X20

Back Rest for Excursion X20

Hugo Elite Rollator, Garnet Red

Hugo Elite Rollator Garnet Red

Hugo Large Base Quad Cane

Hugo Large Base Quad Cane

Pediatric Forearm Crutches

Pediatric Forearm Crutches is suitable for kids and helps them recover faster from injuries. The adjustable height and color choices is a hit with kids.

Telescoping Iv Pole Attachment

Telescoping Iv Pole Attachment