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Geratherm The Control Bundle

Manufacturer: Geratherm
SKU: ger_control_bundle
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The Control Bundle is a kit that contains the Ovu Control and Pregnancy Test
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What does Control Bundle contain?

The Control Bundle is the preparation set for pregnancy and is a most popular product to meet the family planning requirements. It contains the following:

1. Ovu Control which is the saliva ovulation predictor.

2. Early Detect for pregnancy test.


  • Saliva ovulation predictor is reusable and with 98% accuracy and Health Canada approved first saliva based ovulation predictor in the market today. The LH Urine strips are simple, economical, accurate and hygienic. They can be reused for up to 2 years and are equivalent to urine strips with no urine requirement.

  • The Early Detect pregnancy test has accurate results and is hygienic. It has a large test zone which can detect upto 4 days before period. The test results are easy and quick to read. Urine hCG can be detected at 10 IU/L concentration.