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    Aircast Bunion Aid/Splint

    CAD 59.99 CAD 71.99
    Bunion splint which has clinically proven to be effective and favored by our customers and one of the top selling bunion aid.

    Aircast Knee Cryo/Cuff (Self-Contained)

    CAD 99.99 CAD 101.64
    Eliminate the need of a Aircast cooler. The Cuff is directly filled with Water and Ice. Comes with a Hand pump to create compression in the cuff.

    Aircast Leg Brace, Left

    CAD 110.80 CAD 120.88
    Aircast Leg Brace, Left Aircast

    Airgo Procare Ic Wheelchair, 18", Det. Desk Arms, Det. Footrests

    CAD 399.00 CAD 383.46
    Airgo Procare Ic Wheelchair 18 Det. Desk Arms Det. Footrests

    Darco Gentlestep Diabetic Shoes

    CAD 99.99 CAD 105.99
    Gentlestep Diabetic Shoe Darco

    DMI ™ cotton gloves eczema ** DISCONTINUED **

    CAD 8.91 CAD 15.99
    Perfect for people suffering from hand eczema Washable - Tough - Comfortable - 92% cotton, 8% spandex.

    FaceCradle Travel Pillow

    CAD 47.99
    Revolutionize and upgrade the way you travel with the new FaceCradle Travel Pillow!

    Osbon Esteem Erecaid Vacuum Therapy System (Manual)

    CAD 450.00
    It Is Safe And Very Effective Treatment And This Product Works For 9 Out Of 10 Men With A Problem Of Erectile Dysfunction.

    StepFree™ Vaginal Cones (Aqua Flex)

    CAD 106.40 CAD 129.88
    A 5 step program to improve bladder control.

    Venus Vaginal Inserts (Vaginismus)

    CAD 49.00 CAD 65.00
    With Venus Vaginal Inserts, the woman is in control

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