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Walkers & Rollators

As your loved one ages, staying mobile often becomes increasingly difficut. All seniors want to remain independent for as long as possible. One of the major issues that aged people confront is the failure of mobility as this makes them extremely reliant on the support of others for all daily tasks. There is a solution to help prevent falls and to keep them mobile. Mobility or walking aids such as rollators, walkers, canes provide them the support they need.

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3 Wheel Aluminum Rollator Winnie Lite Supreme (Light Weight)

7.5" caster wheels and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Easy to maneuver through small places. Only 11 lbs and a very stable walker a feedback from one of our customers.
CAD 150.00 CAD 164.89

3 Wheel Steel Rollator,Chrome

A great 3 wheel walker by drive to carry items and keeping you mobile. Easy to store in car trunk.
CAD 145.99 CAD 167.66

Adult Anterior Safety Walker, 1 c/s

Adult Anterior Safety Walker by Drive Medical
CAD 405.64

Airgo Excursion X20 Rollator (Lightweight, Side Folding Walker)

This lightweight rollator makes it easier for you to move around, best feature being that it is fold-able in a jiffy! You can easily fold it and carry or store it anywhere.
CAD 389.00 CAD 419.00

Airgo Fusion Rollator and Transport Chair

A duel purpose rollator and a transport chair. A 2- in 1 solution to avoid buying 2 different chairs.
CAD 459.99

Anatomical handle Grips

Anatomical Handle Grips by Evolution
CAD 25.00 CAD 30.00

Back Strap Basket

back Strap Basket by Evolution
CAD 10.00 CAD 19.99

Brake Cable

Brake Cable for evolution walkers.
CAD 12.99 CAD 19.99

Brake Shoe

Brake Shoe by Evolution
CAD 20.00 CAD 25.00

Brake Sleeve

Brake Sleeve by Evolution
CAD 9.99 CAD 19.99

Brake Springs

Brake Springs by Evolution
CAD 12.99 CAD 18.99

Clever-Lite Rollator, Junior 1 c/s

Clever-Lite Walker Junior with 5" Casters
CAD 249.53 CAD 300.30

D-Lite Rollator, 1 c/s

D-Lite Aluminium Rollator with Removable 8" Casters by Drive Medical
CAD 257.87 CAD 298.87

Euro Style 4 wheel Nitro Rollator (Standard Height, Hemi Height)

Nitro Rollator standard for people whose height falls between 5 feet 2 inches and 6'feet. For taller people check the tall size for over 6 feet Click Here !
CAD 297.99 CAD 420.00

Euro Style 4 wheel Nitro Rollator (Tall Height)

Nitro Euro style Rollator Tall is for people who are tall and beyond 6'feet with 10" Casters.For people under 6 feet Click Here !
CAD 350.00 CAD 425.00

Evolution Arm Trough Pad

Arm Trough Pad by Evolution
CAD 169.99 CAD 299.99

Evolution Basket Tote Bag

Basket Tote Bag by Evolution
CAD 29.99 CAD 39.00

Evolution Cane Holder

Cane Holder by Evolution
CAD 29.99 CAD 39.00

Evolution Cup Holder

The cup holder by Evolution-A perfect accessory!
CAD 39.99 CAD 59.99

Evolution Curb Climber

Curb Climber by Evolution
CAD 17.99 CAD 22.87

Evolution Flexible Back Strap

Flexible Back Strap by Evolution
CAD 45.00 CAD 58.00

Evolution Trillium Series Walker

Trillium walker by Evolution is the most comfortable walker in the market today! Cable free, removable seat cushions light weight wheels. Easy to carry.
CAD 389.99 CAD 625.99

Evolution Walker (Arm Trough System)

Walker designed for people who cannot use traditional walker handle.Provides more stability and helps stay upright and straight.
CAD 293.00 CAD 399.99