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Finger Splints

Finger splints are also known as finger braces or pickles, but they do not correct an underlying condition, such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Instead, they are designed to relieve strain and prevent injuries. Finger splints are used for athletes and people who perform manual labor such as washing windows, pushing heavy items, or sewing.

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Cot Finger Splint - 1 Pack (One Size Fits All)

The Cot Finger Splint provides supoprt for injured fingers and protects exixting fractures by stabilizing and immobilizing the joints of the finger
$6.40 $8.32

Cot Finger Splint: 3 Pack

The splints immobilize and protect injured fingers and the high-grade foam absorbs shock
$9.60 $12.48

Finger Cots

It keeps the injured finger safe. It protects and heals the injured finger.
$8.00 $10.40

Finger Injury System

The Finger Injury System is designed to help relieve finger pain and reduce the swelling caused by sprains, jams, strains and arthritis
$9.60 $12.48

Finger Splint 2-Pack

The Finger Splint is designed for comfort and quick healing. It has a high-grade foam and absorbs shock
$9.60 $12.48

Finger Splints Baseball

Baseball Splint Finger
$22.99 $21.47

Finger Splints Strips 1"x18" 12 -Cs

Finger Splints Strips 1"x18" 12 -Cs Medline
$19.88 $21.87

Gutter Finger Splint

The splint immobilizes and protects injured fingers. It has a malleable aluminum alloy which adjusts to different finger sizes
$6.40 $8.32

Kidco Finger Guard 2 pack Clear

A door swinging closed can be a hazard to a child’s fingers.

Kidco Finger Guard 2 pack Gray

A door swinging closed can be a hazard to a child’s fingers.

Universal Finger Splint

The Universal Finger Splint has a customized fit for better protection and also has adjustable straps which eliminate the need for tape.
$8.00 $10.40