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 Procare Thigh Sleeve

Djo Procare Thigh Sleeve

The Djo Procare Thigh Sleeve is made of 1/8" neoprene and provides firm compression and warmth to help relieve muscle strain in the quadriceps, hamstring, and groin areas. It's designed to support and relieve strains or contusions in these muscles. It measures 12" in length.

CAD $42.40
Djo Procare Aluminium Strips

Djo Procare Aluminium Strips

Djo Procare Aluminum Strips are versatile and multi-purpose splints that can be easily cut and contoured to the desired shape. They feature closed-cell hydroloc foam padding on one side for enhanced patient comfort. These strips are ideal for addressing phalangeal fractures & providing effective support.

CAD $53.60
Djo Procare Body Wedge

Djo Procare Body Wedge

The core promise of the Djo Procare Body Wedge is its ability to stabilize patients securely in various positions without the worry of slipping or sliding. This isn't just about providing physical support; it's about instilling a sense of confidence in both patients and caregivers. Whether used for side lying, trunk stabilization, or under thighs for pelvic tilt, this body wedge becomes the silent guardian, ensuring that each patient remains firmly and comfortably in their chosen position, contributing to a holistic approach to care.

CAD $899.04 CAD $692.04
Groin Support Strap

Groin Support Strap

Groin Support Strap goes around your thigh and hips to give support to your whole lower body. It's inspired by the neoprene wrap in our popular compression shorts, offering affordable support for your thigh, groin, hips, and leg muscles. You can wear it on either leg, and it comes in one size that fits most.

CAD $89.60 CAD $68.60


This knee walker can help you regain mobility immediately after surgery. Weighing just 4.8 lbs (2.1 kg). Comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty. This hands-free device features an adjustable handle at knee level, quick-release buckles, height adjustments, and thigh support with a calf strap slider mount.

CAD $423.60 CAD $264.60
Thigh Cuff For Djo Aircast Venaflow Elite System

Thigh Cuff For Aircast Venaflow Elite System

Thigh Cuff For Djo Aircast Venaflow Elite System is an essential component of the comprehensive Venaflow Elite System. By providing prophylaxis against DVT, it plays a vital role in the care and recovery of patients at risk of this condition, particularly those who are immobile or undergoing surgical procedures. The combination of rapid inflation and graduated sequential compression, along with comfortable cuffs, enhances the patient experience and contributes to a more effective DVT prevention strategy.

CAD $154.43 CAD $128.43
Thigh Sleeve

Thigh Sleeve

Procare Thigh Sleeve for compression and support

CAD $32.99
Thigh Wrap

Thigh Wrap

Thigh Wrapis adjustable with Velcro and wraps around your thigh. It helps support and stabilize torn or pulled thigh muscles and ligaments. Baseball players can also use it to protect against abrasions when sliding into base.

CAD $81.70 CAD $62.70