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Electrotherapy Portable Units

Portable Electrotherapy products can be used at home. They use electrical current to relieve or treat pain and to heal tissue damage. HHCS offers a wide range of Portable Electrotherapy products to treat or manage pain.

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Chattanooga Rehab Device

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Chattanooga Theta Device

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Comfy EMS


Comfy Stim Combo Tens/EMS Unit

Feature a TENS and Muscle Stimulator combo unit complete with Self-Adhesive Electrodes Digital Display Dual channel stimulator with easy access dials and buttons.

Comfy Stim Ultra Combo TENS/EMS Stimulator

Kit with Self-adhesive electrodes

Comfy TENS

With a large LCD a flip top cover with five stimulation modes and adjustable pulse width, pulse rate plus a treatment timer.This Tens unit is best seller in the price range.

Ultra 9000 Multi-Function Combo Unit

5 Modalites in One Portable Unit!

Ultra 9000 Multi-Function Combo Set

5 Modalities in 1 Portable Unit

Pain Gone Unit

Make the pain go away within minutes with this easy to use, handy Pain Gone unit!

Wireless Electrotherapy Unit Full Kit - English

The best kit for functional rehab in motion!

Cefar Easy TENS

Relieve neck and back pain anywhere, anytime with this easy to use Cefar Easy TENS unit

Cefar Primo Pro TENS Digital ** NOT AVAILABLE **

Get the right level of stimulation with the press of a button!

Cefar Rehab X2

Cefar Rehab with 2 channel rehab stimulator

Cefar Femina TENS/NMES

Special unit for women to get pain relief during and after child birth

NeuroTrac TENS

Pain relief unit with dual channel stimulation; Neuro Trac TENS