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Shoulder Braces

Rotator cuff sprains and sensitivities lead to shoulder pain. The pain could also radiate from other body parts into the shoulder, such as the neck.  

Shoulder braces help in recovering from the pain incurred by a dislocated joint. There are three main kinds of shoulder braces on the market today: Interspin Attachment/Detachable Brace, Shin Guards (also called Soft Shrinkers or Posture Tubes), and Interspin Ligature Adjustable Brace. All three work in the same way with the same effect: they help make sure that the shoulders are held correctly, and the muscles within the shoulder area do not overcompensate and contract unnecessarily.

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Aircast Univ. Quick Fit Shoulder Immob.

Aircast Univ. Quick Fit Shoulder Immob. Aircast
$77.00 $84.70

Donjoy Shoulder Wrap-On Pad

Donjoy Shoulder Wrap-On Pad
$114.75 $134.99

Good 2 Go Microwave Shoulder wrap

This wrap provides moist heat to reduce and improve stiffness and soreness of shoulder. Made of Non-toxic, hypo-allergenic crystal filling.
$91.20 $118.56

Ice it Shoulder

Ice it Shoulder helps to relieve pain and reduce inflammation or swelling and relaxing muscle spasms.
$73.60 $95.68

Immobilizer Shoulder Sling&Swath L -Xl Ea

Immobilizer Shoulder Sling&Swath L -Xl Ea Medline
$15.33 $16.86

OmoTrain S Shoulder Brace

OmoTrain S Shoulder a brace for recovering from shoulder surgeries or painful injuries. This shoulder brace is comfortable to wear and built with German technology.
$250.00 $189.99

OmoTrain Shoulder Brace

An advanced shoulder brace to get rid of pain generated by osteoarthritis or after a postoperative operation. Omotrain aids in preserving the shoulder joint and helps in a swift rehabilitation from rotator cuff injuries.
$250.00 $172.99

Robax HeatWrap Neck and Shoulder

Robax HeatWraps with ThermaCare Technology for Shoulder and Neck -Single use HeatWrap

Wrap On Polar Shoulder Pad

Wrap on Polar pad to be used with the Polar Care Glacier system