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Cryo Cuff Back / Hip

Back and Hip cryocuff units.

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Aircast Cryo/Cuff For Back/Hip/Rib with Cooler (Non-Motorized Kit)

Designed to give maximum relief from swelling, inflammation, pain and swollen joints. Cooling effect helps ease the pain.Fast Shipping!
$179.99 $177.87

Aircast Cryo/Cuff For Hip/Back with Cooler (Motorized Kit)

Perfect for post operation conditions and sports injuries.
$194.00 $220.00

Breg Kodiak Cold Therapy System with Hip Pad

Complete unit that contains Hip Pad. Used for Post Operative,Plastic Surgery,Chronic Pain,Physical Therapy.

Breg Kodiak IntelliFlo Pads - Hip Pad (Cryo Cuff)

IntelliFlo Hip Pad for the Breg Polar Kodiak Cold Therapy System

Breg Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy System with WrapOn Hip Pad

Breg Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy combo unit that contains the Polar Care Cube Cooling System and a WrapOn Hip Pad!

Breg Polar WrapOn Pad - Hip Pad

WrapOn Hip Pad for the Breg Polar Care Cube System

Donjoy Hip Cold Pad

Donjoy Hip Cold Pad
$114.75 $134.99

Hot/Cold Hip Therapy

$33.60 $43.68

Ice It Cold Comfort Extra Large

This therapy system is comfortable and secure fit. This aid provides maximum therapeutic benefit.
$76.80 $99.84