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Products tagged with 'dristan nasal spray'

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Dristan Nasal Mist Long Lasting 15ml

Dristan Nasal Mist Long Lasting 15ml

Fast acting temporary relief of nasal congestion up to 12 hours

Dristan Long Lasting Clear Menthol Spray 30ml

Dristan Nasal Mist .05% Long Lasting 30ml Spray

Dristan spray acts fast and relieves nasal congestion for over 12 hours. Get your respiration back on track by relieving sinus or cold allergies. This mentholated spray helps in breathing better if you have respiratory problems.

Secaris Lubricating Nasal Gel, 30 g

Secaris Nasal Lubricating Gel Nasal Relief From Canada, 30 g

Secaris nasal gel a top seller from Canada keeps your nose moist and keep irritation away. Secaris gel is long lasting keeps nose lubricated in dry environments.