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Recliner Chairs and Bed lifts

Our recliner chairs provide maximum comfort and support, with various styles and features to suit any taste or preference. Whether you're looking for a classic leather recliner or a modern fabric option, we have something for everyone. Plus, our recliner chairs are perfect for anyone suffering from back pain or other discomforts, as they offer excellent lumbar support and help alleviate pressure on the spine. Our bed lifts are adjustable to your preferred height, which is particularly helpful for people with mobility issues. Plus, our bed lifts are easy to install and use, making them ideal for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality and overall well-being. And when it comes to bed lifts, we have various options to help make getting in and out of bed more accessible and comfortable. So whether you're looking for a new recliner chair or bed lift, we've got you covered. So why wait? Shop our Recliner Chairs and Bed Lifts category today and experience comfort and convenience! And with our wide range of options and competitive prices, you can find what you want.
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Air Lift Back Cushion: Back Cushion - 19" x 19" / 48 cm x 48 cm

Back Cushion for the air lift chair by BIOS
$73.60 $95.68

Bariatric 3 Position Recliner

3 Position Heavy Duty Bariatric Geri Chair Recliner Extra Wide
$1,511.26 $1,945.00

Bariatric Electric Patient Lift with Removable, Rechargeable Battery 1 c/s

Bariatric Battery Powered Patient Lift with Rechargeable, Removable Battery
$5,364.44 $5,610.50

Bariatric Lift Electric, Homecare Style 1 c/s

Bariatric Battery-Powered Lift
$4,381.87 $4,598.99

Bath Lift

This bath lift makes getting in and out the bath easier,simpler and safer.
$959.98 $1,247.98

Bathtub Lift White Blue Cover

Bathtub Lift White Blue Cover Medline
$1,200.00 $959.10

Clinical Care Recliner, 1 c/s

Clinical Care Recliner by Drive Medical
$1,471.04 $1,756.56

Electric Patient Lift with Removable, Rechargeable Battery 1c/s

Battery Powered Patient Lift with Rechargeable, Removable Battery
$3,719.44 $4,010.00

Luxe Hydro Lift Chair

Best in style and design. This chair delivers incomparable support and comfort and leg support.
$2,120.00 $2,756.00

Patient Lift, Silver Vein, 1 c/s

Hydraulic Deluxe Silver Vein Patient Lift by Drive Medical
$999.99 $1,019.58

Patient Lift-Electric 1 c/s

Battery Powered Patient Lift
$2,769.87 $3,200.85

Recliner chair (3 Position )

3 Position Recliner by Drive Medical

Etac Molift Smart 150

Light weight and comfortable hoist with unique construction. Allows comfortable and spacious hoisting position.
$6,884.80 $8,950.24

Molift Raiser

Molift Raiserenabess a safe and comfortable transfer. This chair is easily adjustable.
$2,280.00 $2,964.00