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Heat/Cold Therapy Heating Units

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With our heat and cold therapy heating units and products, you can enjoy fast, effective relief from pain and tension. Our heating units provide targeted relief to sore muscles and joints, helping to reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Our product line includes Biofreeze, Medistik etc. They are easy-to-use gels and solutions. The heating units come with adjustable temperature settings to find the perfect level of heat or cold for your needs. They are lightweight and portable so you can take them anywhere. Try one today and experience the difference!
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Heat Therapy Unit Hydrocollator E1 with 2 Standard and 2 Cervical HotPacs
Heat Therapy Unit Hydrocollator E1 with 3 Standard and 1 Cervical HotPacs
Hydrocollator E1 with 4 Standard HotPacs
Hydrocollator E2 with 2 Oversize, 3 Sandard and 1 Cervical HotPac
Hydrocollator M2 with 10 HotPacs
Hydrocollator M2 with 12 Standard HotPacs
Hydrocollator M2 with 8 HotPacs
Hydrocollator M2 with 9 HotPacs
Hydrocollator M4 with 24 Standard HotPacs
Hydrocollator M4 with 6 Standard, 6 Oversize and 6 Cervical HotPacs
Hydrocollator M4 with 8 Oversize and 8 Cervical HotPacs
Hydrocollator SS-2 with 2 Standard, 2 Cervical and 2 Oversize HotPacs
Hydrocollator SS2 with 4 Standard and 4 Cervical HotPacs
Hydrocollator SS2 with 8 Standard HotPacs

Hydrocollator SS2 with 8 Standard HotPacs

Five cubic feet of spacious capacity!

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Djo Knee/Thigh Cold Wraps

Djo Donjoy Cold Wraps

DonJoy provides a range of non-sterile Cold Wraps designed to work with the Iceman Cold Pads. These wraps hold the Cold Pad in place. Covers the affected area, offering targeted cold therapy where it's needed most.

CAD $22.80 CAD $16.80
Procare Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap

Djo Procare Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap

The Djo Procare Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap is a wrap that helps soothe muscle strains and sprains. It comes with a safe, non-toxic pack that can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. This makes it great for both hot and cold therapy. The wrap can be used on different parts of the body to help with discomfort and injuries.

CAD $57.40 CAD $42.40