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3 Panel Surgical Binder

3 Panel Surgical Binder is a marvel of design seamlessly blending compression and support. Crafted for pre and post-surgery, its 9.5" height delivers targeted relief. Ideal for mild hernias and muscle strains, this binder is a beacon of comfort. Embrace a new era of abdominal care, short-term use, infinite benefits.

CAD $95.40 CAD $73.40

4 Panel Surgical Binder

4 Panel Surgical Binder is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled compression and bolstering to the abdominal region, pivotal for pre and post-surgical care. Engineered with precision, it adeptly addresses mild hernias and muscle strains. Standing at a height of 12 1/4 inches, it's the epitome of support. For short-term relief that speaks volumes.

CAD $83.80

Abdominal/Back Support

Beige Abdominal/Back Support helps your tummy and lower back. It has a two-panel front that can be adjusted for compression. It also has metal stays for extra support and a breathable mesh back panel.

CAD $103.80 CAD $79.80

Aircast Back/Hip/Rib Cryo/Cuff

Elevate your recovery with Djo Aircast Back/Hip/Rib Cryo/Cuff. Precision-designed for back, hip, or rib areas, this versatile cuff combines compression and cold therapy. The anatomical fit ensures complete coverage, while the detachable cooler allows uninterrupted treatment.

CAD $250.42 CAD $190.42

Aspen Classic LSO Lo Pro

Aspen Classic LSO Lo Pro helps reduce pain and gives comfortable support. It has a Lever Latch system for a snug fit, helping patients move better and get back to their daily activities. With its special three-piece design, patients can tighten it easily with either hand, ensuring even pressure for more comfort.

CAD $611.00 CAD $470.00

Aspen Classic TLSO

Aspen Classic TLSO offers good motion restriction, comfort, and helps patients. It includes four sizes for lower back support and three upgrade kits for upper back support.

CAD $838.00 CAD $645.00

Aspen Contour LSO

Aspen Contour LSO helps to limit movement in your lower back. It's comfy and works well, thanks to its special Quik Draw system with Rigid Anterior Panel (RAP). This brace is customizable with adjustable side and vertical panels, so doctors can fit many different people without needing lots of different sizes. It's made to help patients as they recover, and it can be switched to a simpler brace called Quik Draw RAP as they get better.

CAD $988.00 CAD $760.00

Aspen Contour TLSO

Aspen Contour TLSO is a part of the Quik Draw Bracing System from Aspen. It helps restrict movement in the upper and lower back. The Quik Draw compresses, the Contour Back Panel is rigid, and the TLSO upgrade provides stability, making it a comfy and easy-to-wear brace. The Contour TLSO focuses on restricting motion in the upper and lower back. It comes with the SPK attachment, while the shoulder attachment is sold separately.

CAD $1,287.00 CAD $990.00