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KN95 Masks

KN95 Masks

KN95 masks is like a solid choice for protection against airborne particles. The combination of the electrostatic filter layer and the 3D contour design seems to provide excellent filtration and a snug fit. The adjustable metal nose strip and comfortable elastic ear loops are also nice features for ensuring a secure yet comfortable fit. Plus, the fact that they come individually wrapped in sealed packages adds to their convenience and hygiene.

CAD $64.50 CAD $49.50
Level 3 Surgical Mask

Level 3 Surgical Mask

Level 3 Surgical Mask is a veritable shield against airborne foes. Crafted with the precision of medical expertise, these masks boast a tri-layered defense system, ensuring utmost filtration efficiency without compromising breathability. Engineered with ear loops for secure fitment, they offer unparalleled comfort during extended wear. Your trusty companion in the battle against pathogens, each mask is meticulously designed for single-use, embodying the epitome of hygiene standards. Say farewell to worries and embrace the assurance of safety with every breath.

CAD $41.90 CAD $31.90
Face Mask with Eye Shield

Medline ASTM Level 3 Procedural Face Mask with Eye Shield and Ear Loops

The Medline ASTM Level 3 Procedural Face Mask comes with an attached eye shield and ear loops, featuring anti-fog foam and an anti-glare strip. Meeting the Level 3 ASTM F2100-19 Standard, this mask provides enhanced safety and accommodates the use of glasses for added protection.

CAD $196.25 CAD $146.25
Surgical Reusable Mask

Surgical Reusable Mask

Surgical mask, Reusable, Microfiber Barrier, White only

CAD $9.99