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Djo Aircast Back/Hip/Rib Cryo/Cuff

Aircast Back/Hip/Rib Cryo/Cuff

Elevate your recovery with Djo Aircast Back/Hip/Rib Cryo/Cuff. Precision-designed for back, hip, or rib areas, this versatile cuff combines compression and cold therapy. The anatomical fit ensures complete coverage, while the detachable cooler allows uninterrupted treatment.

CAD $250.42 CAD $190.42
Djo Cryo/Cuff IC Cooler with Knee Cryo/Cuff

Aircast Cryo/Cuff IC System with Cooler & Knee Cuff

Aircast cryo cuff knee is a complete system that redefines knee recovery. Cold therapy is a step towards a pain-free, active, and revitalized life.

CAD $220.99 CAD $187.99
Djo Aircast Hand/Wrist Cryo/Cuff

Aircast Hand/Wrist Cryo/Cuff

Experience targeted relief with Djo Aircast Hand/Wrist Cryo/Cuff. This versatile 12” cuff, with anatomic design and removable aluminum support bars, ensures complete coverage and customizable hand positioning. The detachable cooler guarantees uninterrupted treatment, making it ideal for post-op and sports injuries.

CAD $119.42 CAD $95.42
Aircast Thigh Cryo Cuff with IC Cooler (Motorized)

Aircast Thigh Cryo Cuff with IC Cooler (Motorized)

Buy this unit to recover from thigh strains and pains. You can detach this cuff from the IC cooler and still get the full benefit of your recovery.

CAD $210.99 CAD $194.00
Djo Cryo/Cuff Bed Hanger

Cryo/Cuff Bed Hanger

Seamlessly integrate cryotherapy into your recovery with the Djo Cryo/Cuff Bed Hanger. Designed for use with any Aircast Cryo/Cuff cooler, it effortlessly suspends the cooler from a bed rail, ensuring convenience and accessibility during your healing journey.

CAD $171.01 CAD $143.01