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Heat/Cold Therapy Analgesics

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Are you looking for relief from muscle aches and pains? Heat and cold therapy analgesics products are the perfect solutions! Our selection of heat and cold therapy analgesic products provides fast and effective relief from muscle aches and pains. Our products offer targeted relief to specific body areas, allowing you to return to your daily activities quickly and comfortably. With our selection of heat and cold therapy analgesics products, you can find the perfect solution for your muscle aches and pains. Shop now and get fast and effective relief from muscle aches and pains!
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Biofreeze Counter-Top Display Empty

Biofreeze Counter-Top Display Empty

MedistikTM is a unique and highly effective anti-inflammatory and topical pain reliever. It is ideal for stiff and sore muscles, strains and sprains, backache, tendonitis, arthritis, rheumatism and acute and chronic sport related injuries.

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Biofreeze Gel 4 Oz Tube
Biofreeze Gel Pump Bottle 16 Oz
Biofreeze Gel Pump Bottle 32 Oz
Biofreeze Gel Pump Gallon
Biofreeze Gel Roll-On 3 Oz
Biofreeze Spray 4 Oz
Biofreeze Starter Kit
Fisiocrem Display 60g
Fisiocrem Solugel 60 g

Fisiocrem Solugel

Get rid of pain in muscles and joints caused by sprains, bumps and bruises.

CAD $16.99
Fisiocrem Solugel 250 g
Medistik Dual Spray 22 %
Medistik Ice 500 ml Pump 16 percent
Medistik Ice Roll-on 16 %
Medistik Pro Dual Stick 46 %
Motion Medicine Topical Remedy 4 oz Tube
Motion Medicine Topical Remedy 500 g
Pump Only for Motion Medicine 500g
Djo Knee/Thigh Cold Wraps

Djo Donjoy Cold Wraps

DonJoy provides a range of non-sterile Cold Wraps designed to work with the Iceman Cold Pads. These wraps hold the Cold Pad in place. Covers the affected area, offering targeted cold therapy where it's needed most.

CAD $22.80 CAD $16.80
Djo Procare Form Fit Cervical Collar (Medium-Density)

Djo Procare Form Fit Cervical Collar (Medium-Density)

The Djo Procare Form Fit Cervical Collar offers versatile support. It keeps the cervical spine in a neutral position. It comes in firm or medium foam. Its contour design is good for use in flexed or extended positions. The cotton stockinette cover enhances patient hygiene. This collar is perfect for post-op rehab and treating neck sprains. It offers great support and comfort for recovery.

CAD $38.00 CAD $23.00
Djo Donjoy Sterile Dressings

Djo Donjoy Sterile Dressings

These Dressings are important to use with Iceman Cold Pads and Wrap-On Pads. They are useful for cold therapy to help with injuries and post-operative care. These dressings provide a clean and hygienic experience. They can work in five different styles to suit different needs. They help relieve pain, promote healing, and give comfort, making them a must-have accessory.

CAD $42.40
Djo Donjoy Dura Kold Wrist/Elbow Wrap

Djo Donjoy Dura Kold Wrist/Elbow Wrap

Djo Donjoy Dura Kold Wrist/Elbow Wrap is designed for effective cold therapy. It features a unique ice mat sewn into the wrap, ensuring the water pillows stay in place. This design allows for efficient penetration of cold therapy through surgical dressings, reducing pain, edema, & the risk of secondary hypoxic tissue injury. It's a reliable solution for targeted pain relief & support.

CAD $105.10 CAD $89.10