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3D Elastic Knee Stabilizer

3D Elastic Knee Stabilizer, offers a therapeutic embrace with a compression level of 20-30mmHg. This isn't merely a numerical measure; it's a promise of improved circulation and reduced swelling. Picture a support system that not only cradles the knee but actively promotes a healthier circulatory flow, fostering an environment where inflammation takes a backseat to recovery.

CAD $72.90 CAD $55.90

Active Patella Guide

Active Patella Guide is a cutting-edge solution for patellofemoral tracking issues. Crafted with a low-profile design, it features a lateral patella buttress ensuring optimal patella alignment. Elasticized Velcro straps deliver consistent pressure, while the removable closed-cell foam pad stabilizes and assists tracking. Versatile and comfortable, its 3mm Neoprene composition guarantees durability and support.

CAD $82.80 CAD $63.80

Airflex Hinged Knee Support

Airflex Hinged Knee Support is like a fantastic option for those needing support during physical activity while prioritizing comfort and breathability. Its use of Airflex material for ventilation and moisture-wicking is particularly beneficial for maintaining a comfortable temperature and minimizing perspiration. The added feature of removable and moldable hinges allows for customization, ensuring a proper fit for each individual.

CAD $97.00 CAD $75.00

Bort Active Color Knee Support

The Bort Active Color Knee Support is your dynamic ally in the battle against overstraining and incorrect loading. With its supportive, non-slip design, this sleeve safeguards your knee joint, ensuring optimal performance and protection in every movement.

CAD $60.60 CAD $46.60

Bort Asymmetric Knee Support

Bort Asymmetric Knee Support, engineered for unparalleled lateral stability with a lateral stay on each side. Its silicone adhesive border ensures a secure fit, while the DynamicFlex fabric's relax zone alleviates strain on flexor tendons. Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties keep the knee cool and odor-free.

CAD $205.90 CAD $157.90

BORT Sport Knee Support

BORT Sport Knee Support provides compression and helps stabilize and relieve the knee. It has soft fabric with a smooth surface for elasticity and comfort. There's a spiral stay on each side for support, and it comes in plus sizes for a good fit. The knee's hollow area has a soft, flexible region for ease of movement. The support has a black and green color scheme. For sports, the support includes a silicone bonding zone on the thigh. It also has Coolmax fabric to keep moisture away for dryness and comfort. It's designed to fit well during sports. It's made of latex-free material. And, the pad shape guides the patella during intense movements. It also has a modern, sporty look with reflective details.

CAD $157.40 CAD $121.40

Charcoal Elastic Knee Support

Charcoal Elastic Knee Support is designed to provide warmth, mild support, and compression, it offers a holistic approach to knee care. The warmth soothes tired muscles, promoting relaxation and comfort, while the mild support provides stability to the joint, reducing the risk of injury.

CAD $30.80 CAD $23.80

Condyle Pad Replacment Kit For Djo Donjoy OA Nano

Embark on a journey of unmatched comfort with the Condyle Pad Replacement Kit for Djo Donjoy OA Nano, a revolutionary accessory designed to enhance the comfort and performance of the Djo Donjoy OA Nano knee brace. This kit, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offers unlimited comfort and innovative features that redefine the experience of managing mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis (OA).

CAD $31.80