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Ankle Braces

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Ankle Braces and Supports

Ankle braces help prevent or manage ankle injuries. Top podiatrists and therapists recommend wearing a support to avoid damage to your ankle if you have a condition such as chronic instability or recovering from post-surgery.

Ankle Braces Help Manage:

  1. Ankle sprains: the most common cause of ankle pain, usually caused by twisting or rolling the ankle, which can stretch or tear the ligaments.
  2. Fractures: a break in one of the bones that make up the ankle joint, which a sudden injury, overuse, or weak bones can cause.
  3. Tendinitis: inflammation of the tendons that attach muscles to bones in the ankle, often caused by overuse or repetitive motion.
  4. Nerve damage: damage to the nerves that run through the ankle and foot. Happens because of injury, infection, or a chronic condition such as diabetes.
  5. Peripheral artery disease: a condition that narrows the arteries in the legs and feet, reducing blood flow, which causes pain and cramping.

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Picture of ACHILLODYN (Heel Wedge)
Picture of ACHILLO-HIT (Foot and Ankle Brace)
Picture of ARTHROFIX AIR (Ankle Brace)


Arthrofix Air ankle brace comes in one size and fits all. Ankle brace with air cushioning based on the pneumatic principle.

Picture of CALCALASTIC (Heel Spur Pads)
Picture of CALCALASTIC LONG (Soft Spot pads for Heel Spur)
Picture of CALCANEAL SPUR (Calcaneal Spur)
Picture of FIBULO-TAPE (Ankle Support)
Picture of MALLEO HIT (Ankle Brace)
Picture of MALLEO HIT FS (Ankle Brace)
Malledyn S3 Ankle Brace - 0

MALLEODYN S3 Ankle Brace (Ankle Joint Brace)

Mellodyn s3 is a very effective ankle brace to get rid of pains and sprains, a preventive solution for ankle sprains, and is helpful in post-operative surgeries.

Picture of Malleo-Hit Supreme (Ankle Brace)

Malleo-Hit Supreme (Ankle Brace)

This ankle support/brace helps in reliving pressure from the foot.

Picture of METARSO (foot support with pad)
Picture of NEURODYN CLASSIC (Foot Lifting Brace)
Picture of NEURODYN DYNAM-X FLEX (Foot Lifting Brace)
Picture of NEURODYN SPASTIC (Foot Lifting Brace)
Picture of NEURODYN® DYNAM-X ACTIVE (Foot Lifting Brace)
Picture of NEURODYN-COMFORT (Foot Lifting Brace)
swed o ankle lace up brace
3M Futuro Ankle Stirrup Brace

3M Futuro Ankle Stirrup Brace

specially designed shell reduces the movement of the ankle securing it in its place. Can be worn in your shoes.

$45.00 $30.00
3M Futuro Comfort Lift Ankle Support

3M Futuro Comfort Lift Ankle Support

Comfort lift ankle brace is designed like a sleeve and shapes naturally in the form of an ankle for extra comfort and protection

$15.00 $11.00
3M Futuro Sport Adjustable Ankle Support

3M Futuro Sport Adjustable Ankle Support

Made up of Neoprene material which is comfortable and strong.It also helps relieve inflammation, soreness and arthritis pain.

$20.25 $14.25
3M Futuro Wrap Around Ankle Support

3M Futuro Wrap Around Ankle Support

Wrap Around Ankle Support Constructed from a blend of fabrics, futuro ankle support gives you best moderate support so you can follow your activities.


Achilloforce Air (Ankle Support/Brace/Sock)

Aircell technology by DJO provides intermittent compression and a massaging effect to your achilles tendon.

Active Ankle As1

Active Ankle As1

Active Ankle As1

$50.90 $46.27