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This ankle support/brace helps in reliving pressure from the foot.
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Malleo Hit Supreme (Ankle brace for Sprains)

Ankle support with nopped AIR MATRIX silicone friction pads. The comfort zone comprises three parts and ensures that the fit is perfect. The SPORLASTIC AIR MATRIX silicone pads provide proprioception and pressure relief. The ankle brace is created from breathable flat knit 3D with recycled yarn. The key to essential therapy exercises is possible through the QR code on the product packaging.

Hints When this Ankle Brace is helpful?

  1. Ankle arthritis
  2. Chronic capsular ligament instability
  3. Inflammation of the lower ankle/upper ankle
  4. Mild ankle sprain
  5. Post-operative foot and ankle
  6. Rheumatism-related foot and ankle diseases
  7. Swelling of the ankle and foot


Benefits on insertion tendinopathies, bursitis, and other conditions typically associated with arthrosis

Friction massage

Improved nutrition for cartilage and faster absorption of effusions

Optimisation in proprioception

Reduced nociceptive afferents can provide pain relief

SPORLASTIC AIR MATRIX silicone pad: A perforated, breathable, and lightweight silicone pad is anatomically shaped for stimulation and friction massage.

Stabilization, compression, and relief of the ankle joint

Recycled yarn in a 3D flat knit that is breathable.

Stretch zones that are innovative and adaptable to your needs, even while you're moving

For a wrinkle-free, comfortable seat, there are three parts to the comfort zone.

For high-wear comfort, the bandage edge is fragile and pressure-reduced.