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Back Braces

Back pain is a leading cause of missing work and leads to long term disability. Physical activities such as sports and specific work conditions are significant reasons for back pain over time. Jobs that need long hours of sitting down in one position also lead to back pains. Posture correctors and back braces are tools that help in keeping a back stable and pain-free.

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Aircast Back Pad For 01p-S (New Style)

Aircast Back Pad For 01p-S (New Style) Aircast
CAD 12.59 CAD 13.84

Back / Worker Support

The firm supporting Back / Worker Support has a comfortable fit while retaining body heat for better blood circulation
CAD 56.00 CAD 72.80

Back2Go Back Support, 1 c/s

Back2Go Back Support by Drive Medical
CAD 396.73 CAD 420.89

Backnobber II

CAD 68.72