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Back Braces

Back braces, also known as lumbar braces, are used for patients with back pain to regain their normal mobility. Generally, back braces (also called back braces or back supports) are classified as rigid, semi-flexible, and flexible. Some back braces devices can be hard to use; others are easy to use and do not limit the range of motion. Generally, most back braces are constructed from the same materials but vary greatly in their rigidity and balance-dependent postural control.

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Aircast Back Pad For 01p-S (New Style)

Aircast Back Pad For 01p-S (New Style) Aircast
CAD $12.59 CAD $13.84

Back / Worker Support

The firm supporting Back / Worker Support has a comfortable fit while retaining body heat for better blood circulation
CAD $56.00 CAD $72.80

Back2Go Back Support, 1 c/s

Back2Go Back Support by Drive Medical
CAD $400.43 CAD $420.89

Backnobber II

CAD $68.72

Back-Up – No Suspenders (Black Only)

Back-Up – No Suspenders (Black Only) Anatech
CAD $52.18 CAD $57.40

Back-Up – With Suspenders (Black Only)

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CAD $60.89 CAD $66.97

Bort Activecolor Back Brace Support

Bort Activecolor Back Support – Black (S – Xl)
CAD $56.00 CAD $61.60

Compex Bionic Back Wrap

Compex Bionic Back Wrap for ultimate stability and maximum level of support
CAD $72.00

Deluxe Back & Lumbar Support

Deluxe back & Lumbar support provide great alignment and stability for lower back injuries.
CAD $64.00 CAD $83.20

DonJoy® Duel TLSO Back Brace (OUT OF STOCK!)

DonJoy Product if available in stock get shipped in 2 business days.
CAD $629.99 CAD $899.99

Extendable Back Scratcher

Extendable Back Scratcher is great for the hard to reach spots on the back.
CAD $6.40 CAD $8.32

Foam Padded Back Strap

Foam Padded Back Strap by Evolution
CAD $45.00 CAD $54.00

Industrial Back W/Removable Suspenders (Black/White Only) Xxlarge

Industrial Back W/Removable Suspenders (Black/White Only) Xxlarge Anatech
CAD $49.35 CAD $54.28

LordoLoc back Brace

used to treat and prevent back pain, lumbago, sacroiliac joint pain and osteoarthritis spine
CAD $205.00 CAD $250.00

Lumbar Back Support

This is lightweight and portable back support tat keeps the spine in its neutral position.
CAD $91.20 CAD $118.56

LumboTrain Back Brace

LumboTrain Back Brace by Bauerfeind
CAD $250.00 CAD $235.99

Obus Forme Low back

A brace that you do not wear but get all the benefits of a back brace- The Obus Forme
CAD $110.15

Robax HeatWrap Lower Back/Hip

Robax HeatWraps with ThermaCare Technology for Lower Back and Hip-Single use HeatWrap
CAD $19.99

Rpo Backrest

Rpo Backrest Medline
CAD $60.48 CAD $66.53

SacroLoc Back Brace (Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome)

SacroLoc Back Brace by Bauerfeind
CAD $296.00 CAD $300.30

SecuTec Lumbo Back Brace (Lordosis Reduction)

SecuTec Lumbo by Bauerfeind
CAD $1,040.00 CAD $1,300.00

Solid Back Support

Solid Back Support by Evolution
CAD $30.00 CAD $36.00


CAD $20.80 CAD $27.04