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Obus Forme Low back

Manufacturer: Compass Health
SKU: ERP8151-3002
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A brace that you do not wear but get all the benefits of a back brace- The Obus Forme
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Obus Forme Low Back Brace

Obus Forme is a revolutionary orthopaedic brace that helps keep the back in the upright position. It supports the spine by keeping it straigt. The frame of this brace is light and the brace itself is portable and can be fitted onto any chair, seat, sofa or bed.

Unlike other braces, this brace need not be worn but you can simply sit on to it.

Obus Forme Back Brace Features

  • Used to relieve back pain, even chronic back pain
  • Obus Forme can be easily secured to a chair, car seat or bed
  • Provides complete spinal support
  • Obus Forme's ergonomic seating system provides support and relieves back pain
  • Available in Navy, Burgundy, Black and Gray




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