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Acupuncture Needles

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A very important tool for Acupuncture therapy. These thin needles are used to prick the skin and help stimulate the acupuncture points. If you've been considering trying acupuncture but haven't decided yet whether it's for you, consider this: Acupuncture needles are tiny, thin, needle-like devices that puncture your skin with pinpointed punctures. When the needle punctures your skin, tiny but strong currents of energy flow throughout your body, penetrating all the way to your nerves. These positive, life-giving energy flows trigger particular points on your body, releasing pain signals from your nerves down into your tissues and muscles, so acupuncture needles are often used in conjunction with other treatment modalities, such as Acupuncture Therapy. Some types of needles are Dongbang Needles,Tai Chi and Seirin Needles

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Carbo Acupuncture Needles with Tube 50 x 0,35 mm
Carbo Long Acupuncture Needles .35 x 125 mm
Currently not available
Carbo Needles with Tube 25 x 0,22 mm
Dongbang Needles with Tube

Dongbang Needles with Tube

Available in many sizes; please login to see our selection

CAD $12.80
Ear Press Tack Needles 0,22 x 1,5 mm 100/Box
Hwato Acupuncture Needles with Tube
Optimed Acupuncture Needles With Tube
Seirin D-Type 15 X 0.16 mm
Seirin D-Type 15 X 0.20 mm
Seirin D-Type 15 X 0.25 mm

Seirin D-Type 15 X 0.25 mm

Free with every order of 6 Biofreeze patient size products

CAD $22.80
Seirin Needle J-Type with Tube

Seirin Needle J-Type with Tube

Includes Counter Top Display, 4 oz Tubes(6), 3 oz Roll-ons(6) and 50 Brochures with Samples

CAD $22.80
Seirin Needles Laser LC Type 60 x 0,30 mm
Tai Chi 100 x 0,30 mm
Tai Chi 100 x 0,50 mm
Vigor Acupuncture Needles

Catheter Foley 2W Silicone 10Cc 16Fr

Completely inert for reduced tissue irritation and encrustation during extended indwelling use, it features easy insertion with its bullet-shaped tip for less buckling.

CAD $8.06 CAD $5.28