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Arthritis-Gels, Creams and Braces

Arthritis is an age related disease, and common symptoms are joint pain with swelling and tenderness.

Arthritis and foot care – Unfortunately, this inflammatory disease can affect virtually any joint within the body, including those in the foot. While there are different types of arthritis, the one often associated with the foot is called gout.  Arthritis can cause pain in several places, but knee pain and foot pain on the side of the foot is most common. 

Creams and gels can help relieve pain from knees and ankle joints by rubbing them into the skin. The ingredients get absorbed and help joints that are close to the skin.

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Bauerfeind MalleoLoc (Foot orthosis, Ankle Brace)

MalleoLoc A Bauerfeind Brand.MalleoLoc fits snugly on the foot and can be worn without difficulty in almost any sturdy shoe
$200.00 $231.20

Bort Activecolor Knee Brace

Bort Activecolor Knee Support – made in latex free polyamide and lycra blend

Doctor's Choice Compression Ankle Support

Doctor's Choice Compression Ankle Support

Doctor's Choice Compression Knee Support

Doctor's Choice Compression Knee Support

Easy On & Off Sock Aid

  • No bending required for putting on or taking off socks.
  • Easy for one-handed users.
  • Unique cordless system.
  • Compact design for storing or travel.
$73.60 $95.68

EpiTrain (Tennis Elbow/Golfers Elbow, Osteoarthritis/arthritis)

EpiTrain by Bauerfeind: Targeted compression for chronic elbow pain
$135.00 $145.00

Gel Heel Cushions

These socks offer gradual compression which provide support and help blood flow. Comfortable for daily wear.
$22.99 $26.99

Hot/Cold Gel Cervical Collar

The unique inner gel pack can be heated in the microwave or chilled in freezer. It is perfect to relieve tense muscles and ease aches. It has a soft poly/cotton cover that is removable for washing. Hook and loop closure adjusts to fit all.
$40.00 $52.00


Provides primary stabilization for the first metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint and first carpometacarpal (CMC) joints, as well as secondary support for the radiocarpal and radioulnar wrist joints
$82.60 $100.30

Malleo Train Ankle Brace (osteoarthritis, arthritis)

Malleo Train Ankle Brace A Bauerfeind Brand
$125.00 $170.00

Malleo Train Plus Ankle Brace (osteoarthritis, arthritis)

Malleo Train Plus Ankle Brace A Bauerfeind Brand
$160.00 $197.20

MalleoTrain S Ankle Brace (osteoarthritis, arthritis)

MalleoTrain S Ankle Brace A Bauerfeind Brand
$135.00 $149.60

Short Thumb Spica

Immobilizes the base of the thumb to stabilize injuries to the ulnar collateral ligament.
$44.99 $55.99

SofTec Genu (torn ligaments, collateral ligament injury, arthritis)

SofTec Genu A Bauerfeind Brand.Helps to relieve pain Massages with every movement "Intelligent" joint splints stabilize the knee.
$1,490.00 $1,836.00

Theraband Pro Paraffin System

Heals arthritis and inflammation,pain,spasm and stiffness related to muscles and joints.
$345.99 $588.64

Emulgel Topical Pain Relieving 23,2 g/ g Gel Best for Pain (Arthritis, Muscle Pain, Joint Pains)

Emulgel relieves muscle pains when applied twice daily. Works best for arthritis, muscle pain and joint pains.

Voltaren Emulgel

Voltaren Emulgel for Muscle and back Pain!

Voltaren Emulgel Extra Strength

Voltaren Emulgel Extra Strength contains 2.32% of diclofenac diethylamine an NSAID. The extra strength is two times more potent than Voltaren Emulgel 1% and lasts longer between treatments. It relieves muscle and joint pain in minutes.