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Cryo Cuff Ankle / Foot / Thigh

Ankle , foot and thigh cryocuff units.

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Aircast Thigh Cryo Cuff Only

Aircast Thigh Cryo Cuff. Heal and get rid of your thigh pain, helps in faster recovery.
CAD 103.60 CAD 113.96

Aircast Thigh Cryo Cuff with IC Cooler (Motorized)

Buy this unit to recover from thigh strains and pains. You can detach this cuff from the IC cooler and still get the full benefit of your recovery.
CAD 194.00 CAD 210.99

Aircast Ankle Cryo Cuff With Cooler(Non-Motorized Kit)

maximum relief from swelling, inflammation, pain and swollen joints by using the cryo therapy treatment for ankles.
CAD 171.99 CAD 177.87

Aircast Ankle Cryo/Cuff with Cooler (Motorized Kit)

Get your ankle treated using Ankle Cryo/Cuff.
CAD 194.00 CAD 200.20