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Donjoy Ankle Cold Pad

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Donjoy Ankle Cold Pad
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Ankle Cold Pad helps circulate water over the ankle joint where it is wrapped. The pad can be easily wrapped over the joint using velcro hooks and a stretch band to easily wrap and secure it. Wrap On pads are designed to be used in conjunction with a moisture barrier.


  • There are a variety of sterile and non-sterile Cold Pads that can be used with Donjoy Iceman CLEAR3 Cold Therapy System. 
  • There are Non-Sterile and Sterile Cold Pads which are designed to provide cold therapy to different parts of the body. 
  • There are 2 types of pads namely Sterile (S) and Non Sterile (NS)
  • All pads are sterilized. 
  • The only difference is that sterile pads are in medically sealed packages and non sterile pads are in re-sealable bags