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Wrist & Hand Braces

Wrist pain can occur due to inflamed ligaments or injury to the connecting wrist bone. Due to the nature of changing work conditions and repetitive work, the nerve passing through our wrist can get irritated, leading to wrist pain. Wrist braces are useful for many reasons and it is necessary for patients to fully understand these benefits and how wrist braces operate to assist them with their recuperation. Wrist braces provide a low-cost and comfortable way to correct and improve the alignment of the wrists in patients with various conditions, including serious medical conditions like arthritis.
A wrist brace helps in keeping multiple joints and ligaments stable.

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3M Futuro Deluxe Wrist Stabilizer

Strap around the thumb is comfortably padded and prevents any irritation.Made up of breathable material which is free of latex
CAD $37.00 CAD $50.99

Aircast A2 Wrist Brace (carpal tunnel brace)

Carpal tunnel brace relieves pressure on your median nerve helps to get rid of the numbness and pain caused by CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) .
CAD $29.99 CAD $55.00

Aircast A2 Wrist Brace W/Spica (carpal tunnel syndrome)

I am so pleased with this wrist brace (Aircast A2 Brace W/Spica) and should have been wearing one years ago! MyCarpal tunnel syndrome is complicated with well established Dupuytren's Contracture which is getting difficult to cope with - Jean M. A ON - Canada
CAD $36.54 CAD $55.00

Aircast Cryo/Cuff For Hand and Wrist with Cooler (Non Motorized Kit)

Provide cold therapy treatment to Hand and Wrist to relieve swelling and pain post surgery. Use cryo therapy to heal pain faster.
CAD $171.70 CAD $177.87

Aircast Hand/Wrist Cryo Cuff Only

Aircast Hand/Wrist Cuff Only Aircast
CAD $99.99 CAD $113.96

Aircast Stabilair Wrist Brace 4 pack (Medical Professionals)

Aircast Stabilair 4-Pack Aircast. Introductory 4 Pack (1 of each size right & left) FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS ONLY NOT FOR CONSUMERS
CAD $632.80 CAD $696.08

Bungee Wrist Splint Black (tendonitis brace)

Bungee Wrist Splint Black Darco
CAD $19.53 CAD $21.48

Bungee Wrist Support (tendonitis and wrist sprains)

Bungee Wrist Support With Thumb Black for tendonitis and wrist sprains
CAD $20.30 CAD $22.33

ComfortFORM Wrist

ComFORM Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other sprains and strains
CAD $23.20

COMPEX ANAFORM Double Wrist Wrap

Compex Anaform Compression Double Wrist Wrap for performance support and compression
CAD $20.80

Deluxe Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, Wrist

Deluxe Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
CAD $56.44

Elastic Wrist Brace

Treat your carpal tunnel syndrome with this elastic wrist brace by ProCare
CAD $25.00

Elastic Wrist Wrap

Adjustable tension. Designed to support weak wrist muscles and ligaments following strains, sprains, and stress injuries.
CAD $12.80 CAD $16.64

Ice it Wrist

CAD $43.20 CAD $56.16

Lacer Wrist Brace

Lacer wrist brace to help with carpal tunnel syndrome and other sprains and strains
CAD $34.99


Adjustable straps for wrist support. It provides comfort which has silicone inserts. Helps in reducing pressure on bones and nerves.
CAD $55.99 CAD $64.39

ManuLoc Wrist Brace (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

ManuLoc Wrist Brace by Bauerfeind
CAD $165.00 CAD $190.00

ManuTrain Wrist Brace

ManuTrain Wrist Brace by Bauerfeind
CAD $165.00 CAD $132.99

Men's Neoprene Splint Wrist Left

CAD $24.00 CAD $31.20

Neoprene Wrist Brace

CAD $16.00 CAD $20.80

OrthoSleeve Wrist Compression Sleeve-The WS6

OrthoSleeve Wrist Compression Sleeve to relieve wrist pain. It is a perfect fit for the active lifestyle!
CAD $29.99