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Wrist Brace With BOA (radio-carpal ligament injuries)

Manufacturer: DJO Canada
SKU: EXOS-221-21-1111
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Wrist Brace With BOA An Exos Brand
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Wrist Brace With BOA (radio-carpal ligament injuries)

Intended for carpal bone injuries such as lunate, pisiform, or triquietral fractures, scapho-lunate dislocations, triangular fibro-cartilage complex (TFCC) tears, radio-carpal ligament injuries, or minimally displaced or stable distal radius or distal styloid fractures.

May be used to support stable wrist fractures.

May be used to control wrist motion for other injuries that require stabilization.

Does not contain latex.


Exos® is a revolutionary, thermoformable technology, offering an adjustable and reformable solution addressing various pathologies for upper extremity, lower extremity, and spine.

The Exos advanced technology allows a clinician to mold the brace directly to the patient for the best possible fit, comfort and stabilization.