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Biofeedback and EMG

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EMG biofeedback is the most widely investigated method of biofeedback and appears to be effective in the treatment of many musculoskeletal conditions and in post cardiovascular accident (CVA) rehabilitation.

The human body uses many natural and artificial stabilizers to help stabilize muscular contractions and control the rate and pattern of muscle movement. Biofeedback is a form that utilizes electrical stimulation of the body in order to provide feedback to the trained muscle. The goal of EMG biofeedback is to teach individuals how to better optimize their own body's bioenergetic system through the use of specific training systems.

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Cleartrode Emg Electrodes (Pkg/150)
Dynaflex Electrodes Spun Lace 1.5 x 3.5"
Dynaflex Electrodes Spun Lace 2 x 2"
Dynaflex Replacement Electrodes Spun Lace 2" Round
Ground Lead 40 in For Neurotrac
Inflatable Bag for Pressure Biofeedback Unit(PBU)
Meshtrodes Emg - Multi Use Strip (Pkg/6)
Neurotrac Wireless Bluetooth Software Kit 5 Activations for MyoPlus 2/4
Pin to Snap Adapters (2)
Probe Vaginal - Small Din 3 Plug 20 mm
Probe Vaginal Interlax
Replacement Bulb For Pressure Biofeedback Unit
Twin Lead 40 in. Pin Set For Neurotrac
Vaginal Pelviline Probe
Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback Unit (PBU)

Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback Unit (PBU)

Biofeedback Unit for precision in exercise performance

CAD $190.40
Djo Donjoy Sternal Support For Isoform TLSO

Djo Donjoy Sternal Support For Isoform TLSO

Enhance the support of your Donjoy Isoform TLSO with the Djo Donjoy Sternal Support. This additional sternal bar, designed for the Isoform TLSO, adds extra stability and customization. The Isoform TLSO already provides superior trunk restriction and stabilization from T3-S1, and the added sternal support further tailors the brace for individual patient needs. Ideal for a range of chronic and acute indications, offering personalized relief.

CAD $100.00 CAD $80.00