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Djo Donjoy Wrist Wraps

Djo Donjoy Wrist Wraps

Djo Donjoy Wrist Wraps Support is the solution for targeted range limitation—whether in extension, flexion, or radial/ulnar deviation. Ideal for sports or work-related injuries, it provides freedom for the hand's natural movement, making it versatile and effective.

CAD $105.70 CAD $84.70
Djo Procare Contoured Wrist Support

Djo Procare Contoured Wrist Support

The Djo Procare Contoured Wrist Support is designed to provide comfort and support to patients who have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or wrist immobilization. The support is made of perforated suede, soft flannel lining, and cotton stockinette to maximize patient comfort. The brace is secured by D-rings with loop/lock closure. Also the aluminum palmer stay can be shaped to the patient's hand. It preventes the brace from extending beyond the palmar crease.

CAD $52.20 CAD $40.20
Djo Procare Double Buckle Limb Holder

Djo Procare Double Buckle Limb Holder

Djo Procare Double Buckle Limb Holder introduces an element of economical convenience. Sold in packs of 10 pairs, this packaging choice is more than just practical; it's a testament to the foresight of healthcare professionals who understand the demands of their field. In a setting where time is of the essence, having a readily available supply of limb holders ensures seamless patient care, eliminating the need for frequent reorderings and interruptions.

CAD $327.56 CAD $251.56
Djo Procare Foam Limb Holders

Djo Procare Foam Limb Holders

Djo Procare Foam Limb Holders help keep limbs in place safely. They have a closure with a double "D" ring lock for a snug fit. Sold in pairs and in one size, they're great for positioning limbs securely, making sure patients are comfy and safe during medical procedures and recovery.

CAD $17.80
Procare Foam Wrist Splint

Djo Procare Foam Wrist Splint

The Djo Procare Foam Wrist Splint is a comfortable and breathable wrist brace. It is made of foam tricot and features removable aluminum stays that can be contoured for proper angulation. This wrist splint is ideal for people who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or need to immobilize their wrist.

CAD $64.40 CAD $42.40
Djo Procare Mason Allen Splint

Djo Procare Mason Allen Splint

The Djo Procare Mason Allen Splint, constructed of aluminum, is pre-molded for a proper anatomical fit to effectively immobilize the hand and wrist. This splint is designed with precision to provide optimal support and stabilization, ensuring patient comfort and proper healing. Ideal for addressing various hand and wrist injuries that require

CAD $97.00 CAD $78.00
Djo Procare Pil-O-Splint

Djo Procare Pil-O-Splint

The Djo Procare Pil-O-Splint offers maximum pain relief during rest and sleep. Its soft cotton lining extends to fingertips to prevent finger movement while sleeping, and two rigid plastic dorsal stays immobilize the hand, wrist, and fingers in a neutral position. The breathable foam with soft poly flannel promotes warmth and good circulation, making it ideal for addressing various wrist and hand pain issues, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and arthritis.

CAD $86.00 CAD $64.00
Djo Procare Quick-Fit W.T.O. (Wrist-Thumb Orthosis)

Djo Procare Quick-Fit W.T.O. (Wrist-Thumb Orthosis Brace)

The Djo Procare Quick-Fit W.T.O. (Wrist to Thumb Orthosis) is a lightweight and comfortable wrist brace designed for various wrist and thumb pathologies, including deQuervain's Syndrome, Gamekeeper's thumb, and sprains. It features an adjustable dorsal pod for a customized fit, pre-contoured aluminum palmar and thumb stays, and elastic straps with D-ring closure for compressive support and comfort. This brace is universal in size and available for both the right and left hand.

CAD $71.40 CAD $42.40