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Pavis ACL-PCL/MCL-LCL Stability Knee Brace

Pavis ACL-PCL/MCL-LCL Stability Knee Brace

Recover, train, and live your life with confidence provided by the Pavis Stability Knee Brace—your optimal support during healing and beyond.

CAD $289.99
Post-Op Knee Brace

Post-Op Knee Brace

Post-Op Knee Brace is like an essential tool for anyone recovering from knee surgery, especially procedures like ACL or PCL repair. Its features cater to both comfort and functionality, allowing for personalized adjustments to ensure a proper fit and support during the critical recovery period. The ability to control the range of motion and lock it in place is particularly valuable for safeguarding the knee and promoting healing. Additionally, the emphasis on enhancing stability and facilitating early rehabilitation speaks to the comprehensive approach to post-surgery care.

CAD $137.80 CAD $105.80