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Cryo Cuff Accessories

Various cryocuff accessories can be purchased separately for use with motorized , gravity or non-motorized coolers. You can also find lids, cables liners etc. which supplement these cryocuff units.

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Aircast Cryo Cuff Tube Assembly

Helps in connecting the aircast cooler with the cryo cuff.

Aircast IC Lid Only

Aircast IC Lid Only

Breg Kodiak Battery Pack

Use your breg cold therapy cooler without needing to plug it in a wall. Cold therapy made mobile!. Only unit with a battery pack!

Breg Universal Liner

Insulation Pad or Universal Liner for Breg Kodiak System

ColPac Cold Therapy

Chattanooga ColPac Cold Therapy for any body area or shape. Provides upto 30 minutes of relief from acute pain and swelling!

ColPac Cold Therapy - Blue Vinyl

ColPac Cold Therapy for any body area or shape. Provides upto 30 minutes of relief from acute pain and swelling!

Donjoy Iceman Dual Pad Connector

Donjoy Iceman Dual Pad Connector by Aircast
$56.99 $62.00

Hot/Cold Gel Cervical Collar

The unique inner gel pack can be heated in the microwave or chilled in freezer. It is perfect to relieve tense muscles and ease aches. It has a soft poly/cotton cover that is removable for washing. Hook and loop closure adjusts to fit all.
$40.00 $52.00

Hot/Cold Therapy Brace

The unique 3-in-1 design fts ankles, elbows, and knees. The brace canbe easily cleaned and is usable in hot or cold treatment. 1 Brace, 2 Straps
$24.00 $31.20

Polar Ice Gel Pack 10" X12"

The Polar Ice Gel Packs can be used as a cold or warm compress. You can freeze and use as a long-lasting pack and may be contoured to the body when frozen.
$8.00 $10.40

Power Supply (Cord) For Donjoy Iceman. Aircast IC Cooler

Cryo Cuff AC Adapter or the IC Power Supply
$39.00 $34.50

Swede-O Joint Wrap Cold Compression Therapy Pack

Compression therapy pack, Swede-O Joint Wrap by Anatech

Therma wrap

The Bios Living Therma Natural hot/cold wrap aids in the relief of cramps, pain and muscle tension. It provides a natural source of moist heat, without the need to add water. Moist heat is ideal for use on cramps, sore joints, muscle aches and pains. The therma back can also be used cold for alternative therapies.
$17.60 $22.88

Y Adapter (Breg Kodiak System Cold Therapy)

Y connector for the Breg Kodiak System helps in attaching 2 cuffs to single cooler for providing therapy to both the knees simultaneously .