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Cryo Cuff Accessories

Various cryocuff accessories can be purchased separately for use with motorized , gravity or non-motorized coolers. You can also find lids, cables liners etc. which supplement these cryocuff units.

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Aircast Cryo Cuff Tube Assembly

Helps in connecting the aircast cooler with the cryo cuff.
CAD 18.14 CAD 16.94

Aircast IC Lid Only

Aircast IC Lid Only
CAD 76.99

Breg Kodiak Battery Pack

Use your breg cold therapy cooler without needing to plug it in a wall. Cold therapy made mobile!. Only unit with a battery pack!
CAD 49.99

Breg Universal Liner

Insulation Pad or Universal Liner for Breg Kodiak System
CAD 24.99