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Electrotherapy products are used for physiotherapy and rehab treatments.

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Genesis Light

Genesis Pain Relief Light
$1,800.00 $1,950.00

Cefar Lead Wires (Pair)

Cefar Lead Wires are licensed from Canadian Health Authority. Check a list of Cefar products on

Chattanooga Lead Wire - Channel 3

Needles Without Tube

Chattanooga Lead Wire - Channel 4

Needles Without Tube

Chattanooga Rehab Device

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Chattanooga Theta Device

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Comfy EMS


Comfy Stim Combo Tens/EMS Unit

Feature a TENS and Muscle Stimulator combo unit complete with Self-Adhesive Electrodes Digital Display Dual channel stimulator with easy access dials and buttons.

Comfy Stim Ultra Combo TENS/EMS Stimulator

Kit with Self-adhesive electrodes

Comfy TENS

With a large LCD a flip top cover with five stimulation modes and adjustable pulse width, pulse rate plus a treatment timer.This Tens unit is best seller in the price range.