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Genesis Light

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Genesis Pain Relief Light
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Genesis pain Relief Light is a powerful hand held tool which is designed to relive pain and to stimulate the healing process.


  • Genesis Pain relief is a new technology that is designed to help relieve pain and to increase healing
  • Genesis Pain relief is a handlheld device that is developed and tested in Canada
  • It helps minimize the pain related to age, sports related muscle injury and pain and increases the healing process

How Genesis Light works:

  • Genesis Pain Relief consists of an innovative water based filter. Healing starts at the cell level by concentrating broad spectrum light through the water based filter
  • The water based filter removes the ultra violet and far infrared light and keeping the near infrared light
  • This near infrared light penetrates the skin by 3-4 cms and activates the cells resulting in an increased repair process

Additional features and Details:

  • Used to treat shoulder pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, neck pain, back pain, ankle pain, knee pain
  • Is Safe for all ages
  • No Side Effects
  • Length of the treatment depends upon the nature and type of pain. It ranges from 6-8 minutes, 1-3 times/day for 5-10 days or as advised by the doctor