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Traction Accessories

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Traction accessories are devices designed to help alleviate pain and improve mobility in various body parts, such as the neck, back, and wrists. The products such as Cervical traction, bed wedges and cervical pillow are helpful tools for those experiencing pain or discomfort in various body parts. With cervical traction for the neck, carpal trac for carpal tunnel, lumbar traction for the lower back, portable options, and adjustable features, a variety of traction accessories are available to provide targeted relief and improve mobility.
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Carpal Trac for Akron and Tru-Trac
Carpal Trac for Triton Traction Units
Carpal Trac for Tx Traction Device
Cervical Pillow - Round
Cervical Traction Head Halter
Currently not available
Cervical Traction System 
for latest TX & Triton Traction Unit
Cervical Traction System for Ever-Trac, Midland & TX900 Traction Units
Deluxe Universal Traction Belt System
Flexion Stool - Grey
Head Halters Diskard (12)
Manual Traction/Mobilization Belt
Manual Traction/Mobilization Belt

Manual Traction/Mobilization Belt

nylon belt used to mobilize the patient while movement occurs. The belt can be adjusted with one hand and has a plastic side-release buckle.

CAD $35.00
Mobilization Wedge

Mobilization Wedge

The Saunders Cervical Traction Device is designed to provide safe and effective traction (stretching) to the cervical region (neck).

CAD $81.54
neck pro halter
Positex Extremity Mobilization Strap with Pad
Positex Joint Distraction Cuff

Positex Joint Distraction Cuff

Provides High-Quality Treatment That Replicates Clinical Traction!

CAD $119.20
Positex Patient Stabilizer Strap
Spreader Bar - 17'' Long
Spreader Bar - Regular