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Airflex Jumper’s Knee Brace Wrap

Airflex Jumper’s Knee Brace Wrap is a breathable material that keeps you cool when you're active. It's made to let air flow, move heat away, and keep sweat off your body. It's great for activities where you might get too hot or sweaty under a brace. Plus, it's stretchy and feels nice. The Ortho Active Airflex Jumper's Knee Brace gives your knee support and squeezes it a bit. Straps at the top and bottom ease the pressure on the knee's tendons, which helps with pain from using your knee a lot. It wraps around your leg easily and fits different leg shapes.

CAD $150.80 CAD $115.80

Condyle Pad Replacment Kit For Djo Donjoy OA Nano

Embark on a journey of unmatched comfort with the Condyle Pad Replacement Kit for Djo Donjoy OA Nano, a revolutionary accessory designed to enhance the comfort and performance of the Djo Donjoy OA Nano knee brace. This kit, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offers unlimited comfort and innovative features that redefine the experience of managing mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis (OA).

CAD $31.80

Coolcel Jumper’s Knee Brace

Coolcel Jumper’s Knee Brace by Ortho Active, a cutting-edge solution for knee support. Crafted with precision, it offers compression, warmth, and unparalleled support. The innovative design features superior and inferior straps alleviating tension on patellar tendons, while removable patellar buttresses aid in tracking. Spiral stays provide stability and lateral support, all in breathable, latex-free Coolcel material.

CAD $115.80

Djo Donjoy Telescoping IROM

Djo Donjoy Telescoping IROM simplifies this process with an easily sizeable and customizable fit. No more wrestling with intricate adjustments or struggling to find the right fit. This brace puts the power in the hands of healthcare professionals, allowing them to effortlessly size and custom fit the brace to each patient's unique requirements.

CAD $582.35 CAD $448.35

Djo Donjoy Cool IROM

Recovery should be a journey marked by ease and comfort, and the Cool IROM ensures just that with its buckle system. The buckles are not just fasteners; they are gateways to a hassle-free strapping experience. Fast and easy, these buckles streamline the process of securing the brace, minimizing the time and effort involved in ensuring a snug fit. The Cool IROM understands that every moment counts in the recovery journey, and these buckles are a testament to its commitment to efficiency and patient well-being.

CAD $582.35 CAD $448.35

Djo Donjoy Dura Kold Arthroscopy Knee Wrap

Djo Donjoy Dura Kold Arthroscopy Knee Wrap offers targeted cold therapy to reduce pain, edema, and hypoxic tissue injury through surgical dressings. Its innovative design provides effective short-term cold therapy for enhanced recovery.

CAD $120.26 CAD $100.26

Djo Donjoy Dura Soft Knee Sleeve & Knee Wrap

Djo Donjoy's Dura Soft Knee Sleeve and Knee Wrap offer universal cold therapy for the knee area. Designed to effectively penetrate surgical dressings, they assist in reducing pain, edema, and the risk of secondary hypoxic tissue injury. These products are versatile solutions for targeted relief and support during knee injury recovery.

CAD $65.10 CAD $49.10

Djo Donjoy Hinged Air Donjoy

The Djo Donjoy Hinged Air Donjoy isn't confined to a singular purpose; it's a versatile tool in the orthopedic arsenal. From treating chondromalacia and patellar tendonitis to addressing hyperextension and providing medial/lateral support, this brace adapts to a spectrum of conditions. Moreover, it steps into the post-operative realm, offering essential support for individuals undergoing meniscectomies. It's not just a brace; it's a multifaceted solution tailored to the evolving needs of your knee.

CAD $532.36 CAD $409.36