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Compression Therapy SensiFoot Socks

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Our socks provide superior comfort and support, helping to reduce swelling, improve circulation, and reduce foot fatigue. They are a unique blend of materials that offer excellent breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities, keeping your feet cool and dry. Plus, they are lightweight and easy to wear, making them perfect for everyday use. With Compression Therapy SensiFoot Socks, you can enjoy improved foot health and comfort without sacrificing style. Try them today and experience the difference!
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SensiFoot Crew Sock Black/Large
SensiFoot Crew Sock Black/Medium
SensiFoot Crew Sock Black/Small
SensiFoot Crew Sock Black/X-Large
SensiFoot Crew Sock Black/X-Small
Non-Slip Double-Tread Patient Slipper Socks XXl

Non-Slip Double-Tread Patient Slipper Socks XXl

Medline's double-tread socks offer patients comfort and are easy to slip on and off, Terry cloth lining inside that absorbs perspiration from feet, providing warmth while also absorbing perspiration from them.

CAD $19.99
Double-Tread Terry Patient Slipper Socks S

Medline Double Tread Terry Patient Slipper Socks

Experience comfort and convenience with Medline's Double-Tread Terry Patient Slipper. These cozy socks not only provide exceptional comfort but also offer easy slip-on and slip-off functionality, making them perfect for Terry's patients.

CAD $114.00 CAD $92.00
Medline Fall Prevention Patient Socks Slippers

Medline Fall Prevention Patient Slippers

Step with confidence and safety using our Fall Prevention Patient Slippers. Designed with non-slip soles and a snug fit to prevent falls. Soft and comfortable for patients, providing peace of mind during recovery.

CAD $129.10 CAD $97.10
Medline Sure-Grip Terrycloth Slippers

Medline Sure-Grip Terrycloth Slippers

Introducing Sure-Grip Terrycloth Slippers by Medline. These slippers combine softness and safety, featuring a slip-resistant sole and plush terrycloth material. Enjoy comfort, style, and stability with every step.

CAD $93.20
Djo Procare Maxtrax Diabetic Walker

Djo Procare Maxtrax Diabetic Walker

The Djo Procare Maxtrax Diabetic Walker is expertly designed for the treatment of plantar ulcers. Its unique features include a wider footbed, malleable uprights, and a shock-absorbing heel. The tri-laminate insole with Impax Grid Technology allows for the removal of foam under ulcers, reducing pressure at the wound site. This design redistributes load away from healing ulcers, preventing "hot spots." Ideal for effective and comfortable ulcer treatment.

CAD $255.69 CAD $212.69
Djo Procare Shoelift

Djo Procare Shoelift

Alleviate discomfort with the Djo Procare Shoelift. Designed for leg length discrepancies during fracture brace wear, this innovative solution promotes even stride. Easily attachable and removable, it's compatible with securely fastened closed-toe shoes or sneakers. Available in three sizes.

CAD $90.50 CAD $69.50