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Acupuncture Stim Units

These units have a stimulation feature and do not require needles. Acupuncture therapy made easy by use of technology. It is easy to use unit for therapists.

Acupuncture Stim Units is used by thousands of Acupuncturists around the world every day. This is an important tool in Acupressure, because Acupuncturists are trained to pinpoint precise stimulation points on the body to help release tension and stress. Acupuncturists are trained to locate these points on the meridian and stimulate the appropriate pressure points to help reduce pain, increase range of motion, improve muscle tone and enhance the healing process. The Acupuncturist has developed a special method of delivering Acupuncturic stimulation such that the Acupuncturist can target precise pressure points without harming the tender parts of the skin.

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