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Acuhealth Pro 900 ** NOT AVAILABLE **

Manufacturer: Compass Health
SKU: PP2278
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The Acuhealth Pro 900 was developed and manufactured in Australia and combines modern technology with the ancient art of acupuncture. It is a very simple, safe and effective device which makes it suitable for home treatment. It is also an easy method for professionals to adopt in the treatment of basic problems in their patients, in conjunction with their other methods. It is particularly useful to treat those with an aversion to needle, and for auricular acupuncture. The Acuhealth Pro 900 has been accepted by the professional community as an instrument affording great relief to many people suffering pain or discomfort. The Acuhealth Professional 900 is a dual device, in that it is first to be used to locate the precise position of the appropriate acupuncture points. Following location the treatment can quickly begin by switching over to stimulation mode, whereby the acupuncture point is stimulated by electrical currents. The device allows the user to either 'tonify' or 'disperse' the acupoint in question. Locate, Tonify or Disperse ear/body acupoints without needles! Frequency: 2.5 Hz (Endorphin release) Waveform: Square wave, 50% duty cycle (200 msec. pulse width) Output: Direct current voltage, 3.5 volts Intensity: 500 microamps ino 500 ohms Polarity selection: Negative (sedation) or & Positive (tonification) Dimensions: 19 x 6 x 2.5cm Weight: 90 grams Power Source: 9 volt battery