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There are many ways to manage pain, from taking prescription medications to regular ibuprofen tablets. However, medicine has its own side effects; hence certain medical conditions require alternative pain management. One method is to use a brace, which restricts joint movement and aids in pain relief for ailments such as ACL, MCL, or arthritis (osteoporosis). Cold or hot therapies are a great way to reduce pain from injuries relating to sport or surgery recovery. Your medical professional recommends devices, such as cryotherapy, to help recover from joint pain.

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3mm Covered Bunion Relief Sleeve

3mmCcovered Bunion Relief Sleeve
CAD 31.99

3-Panel Knee Splint ( Knee Immobilizers)

This product is also known as : zimmer splints.
CAD 69.99 CAD 82.99

Achilles Tendon Heel Protector

designed specifically to avoid heel bed sores and to provide good pressure. Has a soft gel pad that gives a cushion-like feeling.
CAD 29.76 CAD 32.74

Adjust A Lift Heel Lift (Singles)

Used for conditions arising from the difference in leg length. Can also be used to treat heel spur, Achilles tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis.
CAD 14.49 CAD 15.94