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Adjust A Lift Heel Lift (Singles)

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Used for conditions arising from the difference in leg length. Can also be used to treat heel spur, Achilles tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis.
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Neoprene rubber cut into three layers of 1/8” with a layer of leather on top allows the Adjust heel life help gain the right height when placed in the shoe.

How Adjust a heel lift works:
•        It helps correct any leg length inequalities or heel spurs or any other clinical conditions as the layers can be removed according to the need of the user.
•        The top leather layer gives a lift than merely acting as a pad unlike other products with nylon tops that are too soft or spongy to give the desired height.
•        The uniqueness in the heel lift is that one need not remove the insoles or foot bed of the show, as the top cover is of leather and makes the cover absorbent and comfortable when placed underfoot. 
•        This is usually suggested to be used in only in closed heel shoes or sandals
•        In the market, one can find these Adjust heel lift products in 3 sizes i.e. small, medium and large and since top cover is leather it comes mostly in brown.


Description Of SizeMen (Shoe Size)Women (Shoe Size)
Small5 - 7.56.5 - 9
Medium8 - 10.59.5 - 12
Large11 - 1312.5 -15