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Ball Of Foot Gel Cushion (One Size -1 Pair)

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Ball Of Foot Gel Cushion (One Size -1 Pair)anatech
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  • Ball of foot gel cushion by Anatech is specially designed to help prevent foot pain. 
  • This is designed to fit in any shoe.
  • Perfect for those who are suffering from calluses and Metatarsalgia. 
  • On using, it helps you to get rid of the pain  giving you comfort throughout the day.
  • Due to its size, it can prevent the toes from compressing.
  • The gel cushion stays in a place without slipping when walking. 
  • Can insert into the shoes very easily.
  • Removing the pad is also easy without the fear of damage to the shoes. 
  • Using it regularly, will minimize the foot pain.
  • These can be washed and can be reused. 
  • The main use of the gel is that it minimizes the pain from the foot and transfers that to the cushion.
  • Besfore using the product, its recommended to read the instructions carefully. 


  • One size fits most