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Bledsoe M Air/Gel Ankle Brace - Universal

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Bledsoe M Air/Gel Ankle Brace By Anatech
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  • Bledsoe M-Brace Ankle Brace by Anatech is ideal to reduce ankle swelling and to improve blood circulation.
  • Available in 2 versions; Air and Air-Gel.
  • Air-Gel pads are like padded cushions which can be adjusted for superior comfort by adding or removing air.
  • For hot therapy, air-gel pads can be kept in hot water and for cold therapy, it can be placed in freezer for few minutes.
  • Open design gives you complete comfort.
  • Can easily fit on any patient as it comes only in one size. Straps can be used to adjust the brace based on the comfort needed.
  • Advantages of using Bledsoe ankle M-brace include improvement of joint functions, managing foot and ankle movement and decreasing any tenderness.


  • One size fits most