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Contragel Gel Green

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Natural and water based Spermicide used with Diaphragm products. Approved By Health Canada .
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Differences between Contragel and a regular spermicide :

When we talk of a regular spermicide we are talking about an nonoxynol-9 based products such as gygel where nonoxynol-9 is the an active ingredient and micro b side which breaks down the sounds of the sperm but unfortunately it also breaks down the souls of the skin. It cannot distinguish between the two and so both the man and the woman are exposed to this and there is a lot of reported itchiness with this. It is Natural, its vigor and is non-toxic, vegan, gluten free, and water based.

Contragel comes in 60mL tube and approved by health canada. Many women like to use fem caps or other Contoured Diaphragm products which are well rounded, but human body parts from inside are not very well rounded and leave a gap. Contragel helps in plugging such gaps and forms a part of a physical barrier in association with femcap or another Diaphragm products. please read instructions which clearly state that a spermicide products should be used with a Diaphragm.

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