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Active Ankle As1

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Active Ankle As1

How Active Ankle AS1 ankle helps:

  • Functions as a brace that provides support to the users ankles while allowing high range comfort and mobility. The Nylon shell lined with neoprene is the primary reason for the extreme comfort and high resistance of the product.
  • The Non stretchable straps made of Nylon as well take on the responsibility of locking the heel, as good as a traditional tape job.
  • Active Ankle does a better job than regular braces all thanks to the extra support in the form of two spring Steel Stays on either sides, that prevent serious injuries like sprains and fractures on the ankle.

How to use an Active Ankle AS1 ankle:

•        Should be worn with comfortable absorbent sock that is at least calf – height.
•        Active ankle would need a brief break in period, until it becomes comfortable.
•        Following the instructions of use available with the product would be highly recommended.

Sizing Chart:

xsmall6 to 77 to 8
small8 to 99 to 10
medium11-Oct11 to12
large13-Dec13 to14
Xlarge14-1515 to 16