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Active Ankle Dorsal Night Splint (NOT AVAILABLE!!)

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Relieves Pressure From The Ankle Joint And Provides Superior Inversion/Eversion Protection
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Active Ankle Dorsal night splint is a product that assists everyone with a good night sleep. It helps keeping the foot in a neutral position during the night sleep, thus helping in avoiding the morning pain.

How Active Ankle Dorsal helps:
•        Active Ankle Dorsal is like an Nighttime ankle brace that ensures that the foot is in neutral position even during sleep.
•        The thick and light weight padding allows extreme comfort and easy to wear feature of Ankle CF Pro makes it more better to sleep whilst ensuring secured ankle
•        Active Ankle Dorsal also helps people with severe ankle sprains or neurological deficits etc
•        Since it maintains 90 degrees position throughout the night, it helps with serious issues like Achilles tendonitis and muscular strains. 
•        The non-bulky and low heat retention features of the product increases the possibility of high rates of comfort  for long durations as well.


  • Low profile, less bulky weight 
  • Less heat retention, therefore increased nighttime comfort 
  • Increased patient compliance 
  • Easy nighttime mobility 
  • Designed to hold the foot in neutral position during sleep 
  • Prevents passive plantar flexion versus uncomfortable active 
  • dorsiflexion featured in other night splint designs 


A revolutionary new night splint technology that will enhance 
patient compliance 

A fraction of the size and weight of typical night splints 
 Unique clamshell design - strong and durable smaller anterior 
approach with a dorsal clamshell that wraps around the foot 

Anti-slip pad – enables easier and safer ambulation around 

Padding – Thick and comfortable 

Improved triple-stitched strap – more durable and resists 
stretching and deformity 

New comfort tab – end of strap trimmed down providing more 
comfortable adjustment thus decreasing chances of Velcro 
rubbing against skin 


  • Plantar fasciitis 
  • May also be used in any of the following conditions where 
  • stabilization of the ankle in neutral position is desired 
  • Severe ankle sprains 
  • Achilles tendonitis/repairs 
  • Drop foot/Neurological deficits 
  • Muscular strains