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Anatech Night Splint With Tread

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Anatech Night Splint With Tread (Small – Large)anatech
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Anatech Night splint - An aid for pain during a good night sleep ensuring the mornings are painless.

How does Anatech Night splint works:

  • The product is designed to perfection and considering human needs which is seen in the feather light weight of the product, hence, making it absolutely comfortable for the user
  • The slip resistant threads are put in place to assure safety and making it normal and easy for the user to use the product at nights.
  • To assist with the pain relief the straps are made adjustable so that battling with Achillies Tendontis is easier.
  • The shells of the splint are designed to be able to be cleaned with a  damp cloth to keep it clean.
  • Not only the wearing of the splint but even the removing is made simple and easy for the benefit of the user.