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Active Ankle Multiphase

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Active Ankle Multiphase
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  • The new Multi-Phase is two devices in one. It’s the first ankle orthosis that can take patients from the acute phase of injury all the way through the rehabilitation process and back to everyday activities
  • Innovative, dual density padding system with integrated memory foam technology:
    • provides compression for edema control
    • continually adapts to the changing anatomy of the injured ankle
  • Padding is easily modified to be more comfortable when normal daily activities resume
  • Solid U shape design eases the weight-bearing load on the ankle, reducing pain in cases of degenerative joint disease
  • Anatomically correct hinge allows for normal gait activity
  • Improved triple-stitched strapping system with comfort tabs enhances durability and comfort
  • Available in black or white

Named aptly the Multiphase is known as a revolutionary Active Ankle support product, as it has both the ability to be used immediately after a severe sprain and also used as a prophylactic brace that assists those intending a return to sports. 

How Active Ankle Multiphase works: 
•        The  brilliance of dual density padding with the super technology of memory foam helps users with effective compression that relieves them from edema or swelling throughout the ankle
•        The cutting edge technology in making the padding allows them to adjust automatically to the shape of the ankle, ensuring all time comfort.
•        The U shaped design effectively unburdens the ankle in cases of severe degenerative joint diseases also helping in reducing pain
•        The triple stitching of the straps with a unique attachment tab enhances the durability and comfort. 

How to use Active Ankle Multiphase:
•        Place the brace inside the show ensuring the logo positioned on the outside of your ankle
•        Now place your foot inside the shoe, while taking care that the pivot points are in line with your ankle bones
•        Place the small strap around the back without excess tension around the back of the ankle and onto the Velcro.